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Nr. 02/2018 Ultralight TRIKE SX-UAO - Happened: 29/12/2015
Report File (pdf): Download_button Language: Greek
Location: Sea channel at MESOLOGGI

Report :

Nr. 02/2018 Ultralight TRIKE SX-UAO Συνέβη: 29/12/2015
Operator: DAIDALUS Athens Airclub
Owner: DAIDALUS Athens Airclub
Manufacturer: HALLEY APOLLO
Type: Ultralight TRIKE
State of Manufacture: Hungary
Nationality: Hellenic
Registration: SX-UAO
Location: Sea channel at MESOLOGGI
Date & Time: 29/12/2015 & 17:10h time

Report :

Nr. 02/2018 Ultralight TRIKE SX-UAO Happened: 29/12/2015
Summary: On 29/12/2015, 16:55 LT, the Ultralight Aircraft (ULA) Trike Apollo Halley type Delta Jet with Registration SX-UAO, took off from Mesologi Airfield with a pilot and one passenger on board, to execute a flight round Mesologi lagoon and to return back for landing at the same airfield.
During flight at an altitude of 1,900 ft over the city of Mesologi, the pilot tried to increase the engine power by pressing the acceleration pedal without having any response. When the pilot released the acceleration pedal the engine power decreased abruptly without been increased again, after many attempts by the pilot, the ULA started losing altitude abruptly.
The pilot directed the ULA for forced landing at the area of old saline across Tourlida area. During forced landing phase, the ULA hit unpowered electricity distribution cables that were transversely crossing a naval channel and crashed inside it.
The two person onboard the ULA were injured and were hospitalized at Mesologi General Hospital.
The AAIASB was informed by Port Authority of Mesologi on the same day, on 30/12/2015 an investigation team was set up and on 05/01/2016 the accident notification was made by the ULA pilot.
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Report :

Nr. 02/2018 Ultralight TRIKE SX-UAO Happened: 29/12/2015
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