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AAIASB Function

The function of the AAIASB is the investigation of all civil aviation accidents and incidents that occur inside the ATHINAI Flight Information Region (FIR) as well as outside the ATHINAI FIR, provided their investigation is not being conducted by another state, when they concern an aircraft of Hellenic registration or an aircraft being operated by an operator whose principal place of business is in Greece. The Board also represents Greece in investigations that are conducted by other states in the event of an accident or an incident to an aircraft with greek registration that took place outside the ATHINAI FIR.

Safety Investigations

The sole purpose is the prevention of accident and incidents though the determination of the factors that contributed to the development of an accident or serious incident, and the publication of Safety Recommendations. It is not the purpose of this activity to abortion blame or liability.

All accidents or serious incidents shall be subject to investigation, when they happen during its flight operation or prior or after the flight operation if the Board expects to draw new lessons on flight safety from such research. The same applies to accidents or serious incidents involving ultralights, gliders, motogliders, paragliders, motoparagliders, parachutes and balloons.

(Νational Law 2912/2001 – Article 4)

Investigations are carried out in accordance with the procedures set forth in Annex 13 of the Chicago Convention (Annex 13) and national Law 2912/2001.

The AAIASB, like all international investigation boards that function in accordance with ICAO procedures, publishes Safety Recommendations on an advisory basis towards all National and International Authorities, so as to correct weaknesses and omissions that are identified during the investigations or that arise from the international aviation experience.

The AAIASB also maintains and studies statistical data on accidents and incidents on a national and international basis and monitors the implementation of safety recommendations that arise from its Final Reports.

The AAIASB works closely with the respective boards of other Member States of ICAO as well as with every Authority, Organization, or Foundation concerned with aviation safety.

AAIASB Final Investigation Reports and Safety Recommendations are published.

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