The Hellenic Air Accident Investigation and Aviation Safety Board (AAIASB) is the official Authority for the investigation of aviation accidents and incidents. It is overseen by the Minister of Infrastructure & Transport. The AAIASB conducts investigations and publishes final reports, in accordance with Annex 13 of the Convention of International Civil Aviation, the European Union Regulation: 996/2010, and law 2912/01.

The AAIASB consists of its Chairman and four members. The President is a full-time civil servant and is appointed by decision of the Minister of "Transport, Infrastructures and Networks" who also decides for the four members, according to the new amendment for law 2912/01 that is described in law 4313/2014. The AAIASB Chairman and members serve 5 years terms that are renewable.

An Aviation Accident and Incident Study and Investigation Unit supports the Board’s mission. The Unit is organized as a Directorate and is managed by the Chairman of the Board and the Unit Director. The Unit is staffed with full time investigators with expertise in various areas of civil aviation.

The organization and the internal operating procedures of the Board and the Unit are described by presidential decree 59/04.

The Board and investigation unit are based on the 4th floor of a building at 14-18 Vitinis str - Nea Philadelphia - Athens - Greece.

The AAIASB is a member of the Ιnternational Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI) and the Flight Safety Foundation (FSF).


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