Aircraft accident or incident reporting

A notification report with information and data about an accident or incident to the AAIASB is obligatory, based on law 2912/01 must be filed as soon as possible.

The notification report is usually submitted directly to the AAIASB, but may also be submitted to the nearest Aviation, Airport, Police, or other local Authority.

The preferred method of notifing an accident or incident is completion of the special paper form or our new quick online form. Submission of the notification report may also be done via:

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, or even in person at the Board offices.


info button 32 Do not hesitate to report an accident or serious incident. Many reports for the same occurence is no problem for AAIASB


light bulb 32 Now it is easy to use our new online form (no registration) to quickly submit a report and attach any relevant files (photos,videos,documents etc)

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In case of an aircraft serious incident or accident the police/fire rescue/HCAA or anyone else may use the following documents for interviewing passengers and eye witnesses. They are designed in such a way that they can be printed in both sides of a single A4 sheet and their use is valuable to AAIASB in order to collect info and evaluate the witnesses.


Document for interviwing  Passenger in GREEK  

Document for interviwing Passenger in ENGLISH 

Document for interviwing eye witness in GREEK

Document for interviwing eye witness in ENGLISH