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Airworthiness Management Organization EL.MG.0037 & Maintenance Organization EL.145.0078


Safety Recommendation 2021-03

Recommendation PREAMBLE:

The investigation revealed that the Aircraft was maintained based on a maintenance program prepared by the organization EL.MG.0037, was approved by the CAA but was not based on the current revision of the Aircraft service manual at the time of its issuance and approval. Also, during inspection of the maintenance works of the Aircraft, it was found that:

1. Engine components were replaced in the Maintenance Organization EL.145.0078 by others with part number which were not specified in the manufacturer's IPC.

2. The calendar restriction for carrying out the inspection of the fuel filter was not observed.

3. There was a mandatory directive which was not assessed as to whether it was applicable.

4. The inspection of the battery and cables was not carried out within the stipulated calendar deadline.

5. In the list of the remaining hours for the inspections, it appeared that there were incorrect entries in the date of execution of works but also in the number of flight hours of the Aircraft in tasks performed during the last maintenance.

Safety Recommendation: 2021-03

Main Recommendation Text:

It is recommended that the Airworthiness Management Organization EL.MG.0037 and the Maintenance Organization EL.145.0078 to review and possibly revise their operating procedures of those Organizations.

Relevant CAMO and Maintenance Organizations to review their operating procedures
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