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EGNATIA AVIATION Training Organization


Safety Recommendation 2021-12

Recommendation PREAMBLE:

Safety promotion and accident / incident prevention.

Safety Recommendation: 2021-12

Main Recommendation Text:

In the concept of safety promotion and accidents incidents prevention it is recommended that EGNATIA AVIATION Training Organization insert ground school hours of classroom regarding past incidents and accidents, during training flights, in order to raise situation awareness to the student pilots.

SR 2021-12

RESPONSE to Safety Recommendation:

The response from the training organization Egnatia Aviation to the AAIASB safety recommendation 2021-12 was received by email on 23/9/2021.

[Response from EGNATIA AVIATION to Safety Recommendation 2021-12]:

“Honorable gentlemen of the Investigation Board,

On the safety recommendation 2021-12:
According to the Operations Manual and the Safety Management System Manual of the Egnatia Aviation ATO [Approved Training Organization], all safety reports as well as flight safety incidents of the school are notified to iTunesU (official web-based training material) and Students.local (official web-based information platform) to raise awareness, increase the awareness of trainees and pilot trainers as well as to comply. E.g. an incident of aircraft runway excursion during landing, on 12/06/2019, the internal investigation of which is reflected in the Hazard Log 224 which is submitted as attachment [Attached documents are not made publicly available by AAIASB]. Indicatively of the process, exact impressions of the systems where they were posted are submitted [Attached documents are not made publicly available by AAIASB]. In addition, the theoretical training for ATPL [Airline Transport Pilot License] is accompanied by corresponding case studies in the reference training material provided by the training provider (Pad Pilot), in line with EASA’s new Learning Objectives (Area 100 KSA) [European Aviation Safety Agency, Area 100 — Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes is a new subject in ATPL theoretical training. The subject is not part of the theoretical knowledge examinations of the Civil Aviation Authority but is assessed instead at the ATO (Approved Training Organization) level].”

[Attached documents are not made publicly available by AAIASB]

[AAIASB assessed this response as “Adequate” on 30/09/2021 (Board meeting) and changed the SR 2021-12 status to “Closed”]

Training Organizasion to insert ground school hours of classroom regarding past incidents and accidents
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