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Response received awaiting assessment
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Safety Recommendation 2022-02

Recommendation PREAMBLE:

The investigation process revealed that the Operator, in the context of Safety Management System, focused on the flight activity reactive approach but did not follow the flight activity proactive approach through the timely hazard identification and risk assessment process.

Safety Recommendation: 2022-02

Main Recommendation Text:

It is recommended to the Operator, to re-evaluate the Safety Management System implementation process in order to timely identify the hazards arising from its activity that potentially can cause accidents or serious incidents.

SR 2022-02

RESPONSE to Safety Recommendation:

Operator’s response to AAIASB SR 2022-02 was received by email on 08/9/2022.
[Operator’s response]:

“ a. The Flight Operations Department of the company has recognized the potential general hazards that helicopters face during their flight activities. The hazards are categorised in three (3) categories (Human Factors - work / mission environment - Aerial Missions), defenses (mitigation measures) have been taken and a risk assessment was performed.

The Safety Department of the company maintains an electronic Database with potential hazards with all the as above mentioned data, which it is revalidated every year.

b. In addition, the company has established a Pre-Flight Risk Management Check List procedure, according to which the Pilot-in-Command (PIC), before undertaking a flight task each day, completes a Check List and sends it to the company's Flight Operations Department for evaluation.”

[AAIASB changed status of SR 2022-02 to “Open- Response Received awaiting assessment” and will assess the Response within 60 days as per EU Reg. 996/2010.]

Operator to re-evaluate the Safety Management System implementation process
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