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Response received awaiting assessment
Part 145 Maintenance Organization of iFly operator (EL145.0083)


Safety Recommendation 2022-06

Recommendation PREAMBLE:

From the wreckage examination, failure was identified of Part 145 Maintenance Personnel to comply, in the context of scheduled Maintenance, with the Maintenance task card requirements regarding the identification of No. 1 Engine faulty parts (worn breather flexible tube and damaged starter generator Cable).

Safety Recommendation: 2022-06

Main Recommendation Text:

It is recommended to the Maintenance Organization to make sure that all procedures included in the Maintenance Organization Exposition (MOE), are followed.

SR 2022-06

RESPONSE to Safety Recommendation:

Response to AAIASB SR 2022-06 was received by email on 08/9/2022.


“ a. Technical info notice (TIN) 09_2022 dated 23/6/2022 has been issued to inform all the technical staff of the Organization, regarding the findings recorded and where of the Maintenance Organization concern .

b. Internal document 22/056 dated 27/6/2022 has been issued to define additional procedures, supplemental to those already mentioned in the Maintenance Organization Manual (MOE) and should be followed from the technical staff.

c. At the same time, the TIN 2a_2021 version regarding the Alert Commercial Service Letter (ACSL) of Rolls-Royce, (Maintenance Warning/External Lines), dated 26/7/2021, is highlighted to inform all the organization technical staff. The said ACSL pointed out the need to faithfully apply the procedures mentioned in the technical manuals (Operation and Maintenance Manual).

d. In addition, the existence of two inspections/signatures for all the tasks performed by the maintenance organization (performed by / inspected by) is emphasized, before the release of the aircraft (CRS issuance). ”

[AAIASB changed status of SR 2022-06 to “Open- Response Received awaiting assessment” and will assess the Response within 60 days as per EU Reg. 996/2010.]

Maintenance Organization to make sure that all procedures included in the Maintenance Organization Exposition (MOE), are followed
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